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Seed - Max Saeling


holistic nutritherapy

I believe in the power of personal transformation through a holistic and individualized approach to health. As a passionate nutritherapist and yoga teacher, I invite you to take control of your health and well-being. My programs are designed to bring about lasting change in both your diet and lifestyle.

my approach

Discover the nutritherapy and biohacking approach, where you become the master of your health.


The individualized nutritherapy approach goes beyond conventional diets. Each nutritional plan is unique, seeking the root of problems rather than masking symptoms. We move at your pace, with gradual adjustments, for lasting results, discovering together the key to a healthy, energized life.


In my approach, the term "holistic" is not limited to considering a person in their physical or symptomatic dimension alone. On the contrary, it encompasses the whole human being, taking into account his or her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Nutritherapy, for example, is not limited to prescribing foods or supplements; it aims to understand the individual as a whole, identifying imbalances and working on the root causes of symptoms rather than simply treating the symptoms themselves.


Discover my e-books designed to provide you with concrete tools for adopting a healthy, balanced diet. Available in English.

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Leslye van Wageningen - Seed Holistic

contact me

If you have any questions, or would like to find out if our programs are right for you, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail at or via the form below.

For a more in-depth discussion, you can also book a 15-minute online discovery appointment by clicking on the link below. I'm here to answer all your questions and support you on your journey towards sustainable well-being.

Thank you !

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