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Leslye van Wageningen - Seed Holistic

who am I ? 

Since early childhood, health and well-being have been my passions. Although my first steps led me towards medical studies, I felt a lack of meaning and wholeness. Opting for the field of communication without conviction, I was soon confronted with health problems, notably a misalignment with my body leading to digestive disorders, hair loss and fatigue. Despite consultations with various health professionals, their medicated solutions didn't resonate with me as the right answer. It was in my personal quest for natural solutions that I found my way.

On my return from a trip to Asia lasting several months, I discovered the Nutritherapy training program, and it was a real revelation. At last, I had found an approach that made sense, a holistic vision that took into account the whole person.

Today, with a diploma in Nutritherapy from the CFNA in Namur, I'm proud to have followed my intuition and listened to my body's needs. Most of all, I'm proud to be able to share what I've learned and guide those who need it.

As a nutritherapist, I don't limit myself to a purely nutritional approach. As a yoga teacher, I bring a holistic dimension to my work. Having experienced burn-out myself, I've come to appreciate the healing power of yoga, both mentally and physically. The inclusion of body movement, self-connection and personal development are essential elements of any healing process. These two disciplines, nutritherapy and yoga, naturally complement each other, offering an integrative approach to overall well-being.

My approach

The choice of the name "Seed" is deeply linked to my vision of nutrition and well-being. To me, it symbolizes the beginning, the potential for growth and transformation. As a guide, my role is to plant this little seed in each individual I accompany. It's the starting point, the source of all positive change. By providing the necessary knowledge and tools, I will enable this seed to germinate, grow and evolve towards a healthier, more balanced life. My holistic approach aims to empower everyone to take care of their own health, independently and sustainably.

My approach to nutritherapy is rooted in a global, biohacked perspective on health. Biohacking means taking charge of your health, refusing to see health problems as inevitable. While genetics plays a minor role, epigenetics is mainly influenced by our lifestyle. By understanding that we have the power over our health, we can introduce habits aimed at optimizing our lives, living longer and healthier.

Nutritherapy, at the heart of this approach, goes far beyond simple nutrition. It looks for the root cause of problems, rather than masking symptoms. Each individual is unique, with distinct needs. My aim is to cultivate intuitive eating, exploring, adjusting and approving what works best for your body.

This approach takes a "slow but steady" approach, recognizing that changing habits developed over years doesn't happen in a week. The journey aims to understand and respond to your body's needs, establishing lasting habits.

The holistic approach of nutritherapy is not limited to food. It also considers body movement, exposure to environmental and local pollution, and stress, all of which are interconnected and influence our health. In this way, our support is not confined to the dietary aspect, but integrates all aspects of your daily life.

As a complement to your diet, I incorporate high-quality food supplements to rectify deficiencies and provide your body with the elements it needs to thrive optimally. Together, we explore the paths of biohacking to guide you towards flourishing health.

Mon approche - Seed Holistic
Mon approche
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