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I believe in the holistic transformation of your well-being through a personalized and caring approach. The 3-month program has been meticulously designed to bring about deep, lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle. Why 3 months? Because it takes time to build our habits, and it's only natural that it should also take time to deconstruct and change them.

You need to be aware that for the adjustments we make to your diet and lifestyle to be truly effective and last beyond the coaching period, we need to take the necessary time. Three months is the ideal length of time to allow your body and mind to adapt to these new practices, to gradually integrate the changes and observe tangible results.

My aim is not just to offer you support during this time, but to equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources to ensure that your well-being flourishes long after our sessions are over. Seed offers much more than a 3-month program; it offers you a jump-start to a healthier, more balanced life that will endure over time.

You are looking for a personalized approach

Every individual is unique, which is why the program is entirely tailored to your specific needs. Together, we build an intuitive approach that's just right for you.

You need continuous support

From Monday to Friday, you have direct access to support via Whatsapp. You'll never feel alone on your journey to a healthier life.

You want lasting change

It's an invitation to invest in your long-term health by adopting sustainable eating and living practices, rather than looking for quick fixes.

You are ready to invest

You're willing and motivated to put in the work needed to change your habits. You want to invest fully in your health.

This program is made for you if

3-month pack

What is the program ?

The 3-month program I propose is much more than just a nutritional plan. It's a shared adventure, where you and I work together to establish positive eating and living habits. We address not only nutrition, but also the fundamental aspects of your daily life. With in-depth consultations, regular Whatsapp follow-ups, recipe ideas and much more, you'll have constant support along the way.

what is included

  • 3x 1H30 online consultation sessions, spread over a 3-month period.

  • 2x 45-minute follow-up sessions between the sessions.

  • A detailed report on each session, including a personalized nutrition, lifestyle and dietary supplement protocol, accessible online via Notion or email.

  • The possibility of asking me questions about the protocols between sessions via Whatsapp from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

  • An e-book and a follow-up booklet.

  • Practical information sheets.

  • Brand recommendations for your shopping.

  • Groceries lists.

  • Recipe ideas.

  • Meditation at the beginning of each session.

  • Referral to medical tests if necessary, with detailed interpretation.

  • Bonus : a pre-recorded 1 hour yoga class online.


Programme d'accompagnement - Image de Jazmin Quaynor

You want to

  • Take Control of Your Health: Learn to take control of your health by understanding your body's specific needs.

  • Demystify Nutrition: Acquire the ability to decipher food labels and make informed choices when shopping.

  • Restore nutritional balance: implement a personalized dietary rebalancing plan, promoting intuitive eating that's in tune with you and your body's needs.

  • Change your Habits for Good: Benefit from three months of support to implement lasting and significant changes.

  • Learn biohacking: Explore biohacking to optimize your life, live longer and be healthier.

  • Understanding the Roots of Problems: Get to the source of your health problems rather than just treating the symptoms.

  • Reduce Food Stress: Put an end to the headaches of knowing what to eat, by returning to an intuitive diet that suits you and your body.

  • Learn how to supplement intelligently: Discover how to use food supplements wisely.

  • Enrich your Nutritional Culture: Acquire the knowledge to distinguish between fashionable ideas and food truths.

Ready to take the first step towards a new version of yourself? Join me on this exciting journey towards sustainable health and a life full of energy!​

Wondering if this program is right for you? Book a discovery call with me to ask any questions.

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